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The Hawaiian Affairs Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawai’i will hold its election of officers on FridayApril 8th at 6 pm.

The officer positions up for election are the following:

Chair, 1st Vice Chair, 2nd Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, the O’ahu (2), Hawai’i (1), Kaua’i (1) and Maui (1) representatives, and the SCC reps of 2 different genders.

If you are interested in an being an officer, you may email the following information to the nominations chair, Mona Bernardino, mona.be@yahoo.com before April 6th.

Name, address, phone number, email address; and a written statement from the candidate that certifies that he/she:

  • Is a member of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i;
  • Is a member of the Hawaiian Affairs Caucus;
  • Fully subscribes to the purpose, mission, and values of the Caucus as set forth in these Bylaws;
  • Demonstrates involvement and active participation with the Caucus or any other Hawaiian organization by such activities as attending meetings, serving as a committee chair, serving as an officer, advocating for the well being of Native Hawaiians, or any other activity in support of the Caucus and/or Hawaiian organization. Cites the names of organizations in which active; and
  • Commits to attend Executive Committee and general membership meetings.

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Kealii Pang, Secretary

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