ILWU Building, 451 Atkinson Drive
July 13, 2016, 6:00 p.m.

General Membership Meeting


  1. Call to Order: Chair Leimomi Khan called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.
  2. Pule Wehe: Pule offered by Don Aweau.
  3. Quorum: Quorum established. Present were Chair Leimomi Khan, 1st Vice-Chair Raytan Vares, 2nd Vice-Chair Pohai Ryan, Treasurer Don Aweau, Secretary Rhonda Roldan, SCC Female Representative Mahealani Cypher, SCC Male Representative Kūhiō Lewis, O’ahu At-Large Representative Keal’i Lopez; members: Kehaulani Lum, Benton Keal’i Pang, Rena Kawakami, Kendrick Farm, Jean Iida, Blaine Fergerstrom, Michael Golojuch, Jr., Leona Kalima, Leimana DaMate, Stephanie Fitzpatrick; new members: Keoni Kuoha, Mike Golojuch, Sr., Carolyn Golojuch, Makani Christenson, Suzanne Young, Tambry Young, Lois Gray, Keone Nakoa, Carl Campagna, Javier Ocasio; guests: Elliot Van Wier, Joy San Buenaventura, Laura Thielen, Cody Rodriguez, Dennis Miller, Ben Shafer, Rich Halverson, Myra Arzadon, Dylan Armstrong.
  4. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of April 21, 2016 and May 26, 2016 were approved as circulated.
  5. Chair’s Report: Chair’s Report circulated to members. Leimomi highlighted parts of her report:

a.) HAC Democratic Party Platform Provision – Collaborative efforts to submit recommendations to the National Platform Committee addressing the section on Tribal Sovereignty and the one sentence that spoke of Native Hawaiians were made by HAC, along with several other hands. Championed by Colleen Hanabusa, Hawai’i’s Representative to the national Platform committee, HAC’s proposal passed unanimously.

b.) Native Hawaiian Constitution – The Na‘i Aupuni convention completed its work in February producing a draft constitution for ratification by Native Hawaiians. Grassroots efforts are now being made to secure the necessary funding to enable the ratification. Several ‘Aha delegates were in attendance and shared their experiences. Mahalo to Mahealani Cypher, Don Aweau, Leona Kalima, Keoni Kuoha, and Keal’i Lopez for sharing. Keal’i requested that HAC hold a meeting to help educate members. Leimomi asked that members please email her with any further comments on the ‘Aha.

c.) DPH Platform, guest speaker: Colleen Hanabusa – Colleen congratulated the HAC on the passing of the proposed platform language by all 162 members, adding that she did not interject her feelings, but rather that of the HAC Native Hawaiian provision statement. Disaggregation of data, NARFE, and PLEO’s also discussed. Leimomi thanked Colleen for championing our platform proposal.

  1. Status of Treasurer Vacancy: Deferred.
  2. Nomination and Election of County At Large Members to the Executive Committee: Raytan and Pohai co-chaired the elections and shared their nomination report. Following 3 email blasts to members seeking interest in the At-Large seats, the following members agreed to their nomination: Leimana DaMate, Hawai’i Island At-Large; Daryl Fujiwara, Maui At-Large; Jean Iida, Kauai At-Large.

ACTION TAKEN: Motioned by Keal’i, seconded by Raytan that the nomination report is received. Motion approved.

Leimomi began with the nomination of Daryl Fujiwara for Maui At-Large Representative, and asked for other nominations from the floor. Nothing received from the floor. Daryl Fujiwara was elected by acclamation.

Jean Iida nominated for Kauai At-Large Representative, with no further nominations made from the floor. Jean Iida was elected by acclamation.

Leimana DaMate nominated for Hawai’i At-Large Representative, with no further nominations made from the floor. Leimana DaMate was elected by acclamation.

O’ahu At-Large seat election on hold until the next General Membership Meeting in October.

  1. Announcements:
  • La Ho’iho’i Ea happening July 30 and 31, Thomas Square, 11a – 4 p.m.
  • Next General Membership Meeting is October 12, 2016.
  1. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:57 p.m.

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