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I would like to share this article with HAC members. I believe Anita’s experiences are real and we could all learn from it as Micronesians fight against racism in Hawaii.

We can all learn from her observations.


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Dear reader,

I want to make sure you read Anita Hofschneider’s follow-up to her important story that looked at one woman’s effort to bring attention to racial slurs and discrimination directed at Micronesians:

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Racism in all its ugly forms is alive and well in Hawaii, despite frequent proclamations by some that we live in a “post-racial melting pot.” We take seriously our public-service mandate to challenge these assumptions by listening to traditionally unheard voices and using our platform to amplify their concerns.

We also felt that it was important for Anita, who grew up in Micronesia and is Chamorro and part Yapese, to inform Civil Beat readers why she chose to tell the story.

Our individual experiences shape how we react and interpret the world around us. Journalists are no different. In this case, the richness of Anita’s personal narrative, her eye toward identifying injustice, and her courage to bring these issues to the light came together to produce one of Civil Beat’s more impactful stories.

Judging from your comments and emails in response to Anita’s story, many of you want us to continue this type of reporting – and we couldn’t agree more.

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Ben Nishimoto
Director of Philanthropy