Hawai‘i Democratic Convention 2016

Democratic Party of Hawai‘i

Dear Blaine:

The Democratic Party of Hawai’i (DPH) came together last month in Waikiki to hold an energized and productive State Convention. It reflected a broad diversity of character and experience and featured passionate debate that was possible only because of the hard work of our leaders, volunteers, and members who care deeply for this Party and our island home.

Mahalo to Chair Stephanie Ohigashi, the DPH Executive Committee, State Central Committee, County Chairs, staff and members who served and advanced our community the past two years. Special thanks to Convention Chairs Donna Domingo and Ikaika Mahoe, the Convention Planning Committees, volunteer support team, and all those who labored so hard under intense time deadlines to include tens of thousands of new members in our Party’s rolls.

The other candidates for Party Chair: Flo Kong Kee, Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, and Jacce Mikulanec also deserve our respect and appreciation for running principled campaigns and for reaching out to stay involved. There is need for their leadership and no single individual can make the Democratic Party fulfill it’s highest potential.

Hawai‘i Democratic Convention 2016
Governor David Ige addresses the 2016 Democratic Party of Hawaii Convention.

Our Party has been and continues to be a revered platform and tool for the expression of our community values and the greater interests of our society. Democrats have historically been strong and influential because of our principled focus and ability to achieve unity.

All cultures change in time and, to move forward and find solutions to current needs, we are called as an organization to positively adapt. The broader Democrat community is looking to us for a renewed and expanded vigor. However, this is not a unilateral mandate to discount or dismiss the people or experience that helped shape our Party. We stand on the shoulders of our host culture, ancestors, labor unions, elected politicians and community organizations that give us this opportunity.

In Hawai’i, we have always been defined by our diversity. It has been through accepting and celebrating our differences that we have found common ground to unite us and move forward together. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the whole of our community and have set goals to expand communication and participation.

To that end, please join our DPH Facebook page and share this message to your county’s community and issue pages. Let us increase our networking, dialogue and outreach to help bring us all closer and strengthen our ability to act as one party. We will catch up on our primary expanded database, improve our use of technology, make it easier for members to regularly participate, and look to our communities and around the world for innovative ways to advance our Democratic values and deepen our service.

Democratic Party of Hawai'i 2016 Chair Tim Vandeveer and outgoing Chair Stephanie Cambra Ohigashi.
Democratic Party of Hawai’i 2016 Chair Tim Vandeveer and outgoing Chair Stephanie Cambra Ohigashi.

In the coming weeks, I hope to continue the discussion on how we can more specifically evolve to accomplish our goals. Our first step though, begins with basic appreciation and respect for the people that have made the Democratic Party a place of honor and hope.

Mahalo to each and every one of you for the good will to unify our party.

Holomua kākou,
Tim Vandeveer
Chair, Democratic Party of Hawai’i


Democratic Party
State Chair: Tim Vandeveer
County Chair: Reena Rabago
Region 5 Chair: Gary Saito
District 31 Chair: Debbie Shimizu
Precinct 3 President: Lennard Pepper

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District 42 Council Meeting
Thursday, 6/23/16

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Saturday, 6/25/16