Makani Christensen
Makani Christensen

Candidate Profile

Candidate: Makani Christensen
Phone: (808) 780-1253
Political Office Sought: United States Senate
Are you an incumbent? No
Campaign contact name, phone and email address:
Naomi Christensen, (808) 620-5518,

1.  Why are you running for office?

We once had strong positioning for Hawaii people in Washington that listened to the people of Hawaii. Hawaii no longer is being heard. I want to change that.

2.  What are your views about Hawaiian self-governance? In your capacity as a legislator, what action, if any, would you advocate in support of Hawaiian self-governance?

As a Native Hawaiian, I understand the frustrations we feel that still lingers from the overthrow. We need to readjust the federal government to focus more on the people of Hawaii and the abilities for the Hawaiians to continue their culture with support. However, we also need to be clear on how self-governance will affect the rest of Hawaii and be considerate of those vested into these islands as well.

3.  When it comes to Native Hawaiian issues, what do you perceive your role as a legislator to be? What ways can you, if elected, support Native Hawaiian concerns through your legislative abilities? If elected, describe specific Native Hawaiian bill ideas that you would be willing to propose or support for the advancement of Native Hawaiians.

We had an opportunity with the Akaka bill and yet, that did not go through. We no longer have seniority or power backing the Hawaiian people, we therefore need to rebuild. Proposed support of Native Hawaiians as a people, would need to have a clear, strategic, and realistic plan of how to self-sustain that government if self-governance is indeed given. We need a plan that all people, not just Native Hawaiians, can support.

  1. Makani Christensen is a candidate for US Senate in the current primary election. He was born in Maui, raised in Hilo and relocated to Oahu as a boarder at Kamehameha Schools. He is a United States Naval Academy Graduate, Combat Veteran, and former United States Marine Corps Captain. After serving tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, he returned home to begin a business, Keawe Adventures, which is currently in its 8th year. He is married to a hapa Maui girl, Naomi, and has two children, a 3yr girl and 1yr boy. He is well known for his community contributions as the Aha Moku Oahu chair, the organizer of Find Our Marines, a supporter of HCAP, and the executive of HFFA.