Kanoe Ahuna
Kanoe Ahuna

Candidate Profile

Candidate: Kanoe Ahuna
Email: kanoeahuna@gmail.com Phone: 808-634-4317
Website: www.ahuna4sentate.com
Political Office Sought: State Senate, District 8 – Kauai and Niihau
Are you an Incumbent: No
Campaign Contact:
Malia Hookano, (808) 634-1893, maliahookano@gmail.com

1.     Why are you running for office?

  1. I’m running for Office because I love Kauai, our people, our ʻāina, and I want what’s best for us. I am devoted to my roots, my family, and our community. My commitment of years of public service in education, healthcare, cultural preservation, non-profits, and small businesses has lead me to the pursuing serving our community at the state level. I believe that the state senate seat is now the best seat for me to bring state level resources to our islands. I have proved to be approachable and reachable to my constituents. I have worked with politicians and government officials at the county and state level and will continue to build upon these relationships to better serve Kauai and Niihau.

2.     What are your views about Hawaiian self-governance? In your capacity as a legislator, what action, if any, would you advocate in support of Hawaiian self- governance?

  1. Hawaiian self-governance efforts should include traditional ways of economy and bring them forward to meet todays 21st century systems. Many of our Native and Pacific Island nations are already moving in this direction and Hawaii can look to them for models that are working. Historically, our islands were self-sustaining with plentiful food sources from mauka to makai. It is important to look to our past to move us forward into the future.

3.     When it comes to Native Hawaiian issues, what do you perceive your role as a legislator to be? What ways can you, if elected, support Native Hawaiian concerns through your legislative abilities? If elected, describe specific Native Hawaiian bill ideas that you would be willing to propose or support for the advancement of Native Hawaiians.

  1. There are many successful NH community lead projects that embrace our culture and livelihood, such as kalo farming or other traditional farming as well as NH project-based education efforts across Hawaii nei. As a legislator it is important to bridge these accomplishments within communities and empower them, as many of them are small-scale farming or small businesses that bring life to our communities. I would advocate for continued funding and for connecting NH organizations to partner with one another. It is essential to work together to establish a sustainable lifestyle in Hawaii, as we are uniquely and remotely located in the middle of the Pacific; sustainable practices are vital to healthy lifestyle, food production and renewable energy efforts are key to our islands’ issues such as poverty issues in Hawaii. Moreover, these attainments respond to decreasing poor socioeconomic conditions and health such as obesity and diabetes amongst NH peoples. Thus, bills that I would propose and support are identifying these programs and organizations that address those factors.