Candidate Profile

Cody Carlos Rodriguez
Candidate Challenger- District 24 Representative

1. Why are you running for office?

First, I was inspired by Senator Sanders’ call for a political revolution to get more people involved in politics and civic engagement. Second, after realizing that nobody else was going to run against the incumbent for the Democratic nomination, I felt obligated to run out of principle. We have some many newly registered voters, many that are millennials, and for them to not be able to vote for a candidate would be not be very engaging and disheartening; people deserve a choice. Third, I am a Mexican-American, apart of a growing Latino community here in Hawaii. I wish to represent this minority group that is hard working and does an excellent job of being apart of the greater community. To my knowledge there has never been a Mexican-American elected official in Hawaii. I wish to represent the voice of this growing group and the diverse people of District 24.

2. What are your views about Hawaiian self-governance? In your capacity as a legislator, what action, if any, would you advocate in i support of Hawaiian self- governance?

I am passionately in favor of Hawaiian self-governance and self-determination. As one if American-Indian heritage, I empathize with the struggle the Hawaiian people have endured over the past 130 years.

As a legislator, I am willing to be a loud and critical voice for the Hawaiian people. I will do whatever action is necessary to ensure the Hawaiian people are respected and their self-determination recognized by the State and Federal government.

3. When it comes to Native Hawaiian issues, what do you perceive your role as a legislator to be? What ways can you, if elected, support Native Hawaiian concerns through your legislative abilities? If elected, describe specific Native Hawaiian bill ideas that you would be willing to propose or support for the advancement of Native Hawaiians.

As a professional teacher, I believe education is more than half the battle. Raising awareness on Hawaiian issues that need immediate attention (i.e. Homeless families) is very important. I would propose a bill to push more emergency funds to creating sustainable homeless housing for native Hawaiian families. Many legislators complain about funding, but when it comes to improving the live and well-being of the Hawaiian community, I will be a loud critical voice to remind them to realize the significance of funding this disenfranchised group.