James Logue
James Logue

Candidate Profile

Candidate’s Name: James Logue
Email: James@Logueforhouse.com
Phone: 489-0792
Website Address: www.Logueforhouse.com
Political Office/Position Sought: State House
Senate/Representative District: District 29
Are you an incumbent? No
Campaign contact name, phone number, and e-mail address:
James Logue, 489-0792, James@Logueforhouse.com

1. Why are you running for office?

I’m running for office because I like that it provides the opportunity for me to continue to serve people and work along-side many different people and organizations to solve various issues. Many time people feel that their voice is unheard and they’re left with a feeling that their issues are unimportant. I fully believe that elected officials are public servants and that they are here to help, but often times many elected officials tend to get too complacent and lazy. I’m running for office to bring my energy, experience, and desire to serve to the State Legislature and to bring fresh new ideas and approaches to our issues.

2. What are your views About Hawaiian self-governance? In your capacity as a legislator, what action, if any, would you advocate in support of Hawaiian self-governance?

I believe that Hawai’ian’s do indeed deserve the right to self-governance the same way Native Americans do. If elected, I would sit down with leaders in the Hawai’ian community to see what approaches they felt were most suitable to achieve their goals and help them lobby in the capitol to help them fulfill those goals.

3. When it comes to Native Hawaiian issues, what do you perceive your role as a legislator to be? What ways can you, if elected, support Native Hawaiian concerns through your legislative abilities? If elected, describe specific Native Hawaiian bill ideas that you would be willing to propose or support for the advancement of Native Hawaiians.

My role as a Legislator would be to listen to the concerns and ideas of the Hawai’ian community and find the best approaches to help address them. If elected I would introduce legislation for the Hawai’ian community if I felt that it was in the right direction and agreed on by the majority of Hawai’ians. I would be willing to support more land rights for Hawai’ians and possibly an adjustment to the blood quantum measurement requirement. I feel that as generations go on, over time, we may slowly see less and less Hawai’ians having the amount of blood quantum required and I believe that needs to be adjusted. I would also like to see the success of the Hawai’ian self-governance and would do my best to help guide them and work along-side them.