October 31, 2019

Website:  www.hawaiianaffairs.org

Hawaiian Affairs Caucus Adopts Platform:  The HAC Platform Committee’s recommendation on the platform to “Honor Native Hawaiians” was unanimously adopted by the HAC membership at its recent meeting on October 23.  The Platform describes those significant issues of importance to Native Hawaiians including self-governance, housing, education health, and so much more. It has been sent for consideration by the State Central Committee Platform Committee for inclusion in the Party’s platform.  Expect to vote on the statewide platform at the DPH convention in May 2020. The HAC Platform has been posted to the Hawaiian Affairs Caucus website.

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Informational Briefing:  “Interesting”, “Informative” “learned a lot” were some of the comments made by HAC members about the presentation by William Aila, Jr., acting Director of the DHHL, at our recent membership meeting.  We left with a better understanding of the challenges faced by DHHL in their attempt to place more Hawaiians on Hawaiian home lands. Power point slides of Mr. Aila’s presentation can be found at the HAC website:  www.hawaiianaffairs.org.  The Senate, Committee on Hawaiian Affairs will be holding an informational briefing on November 4, 1:30 p.m., at the State Capitol Auditorium.

Purpose of the briefing is to receive a statewide comprehensive update from Hawaiian Home Lands beneficiary representatives and individual stakeholders.  The briefing is open to the public. 

HAC General Membership Meeting:   Robin Danner, President of the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Home Lands Assembly (SCHHA)will be the guest speaker at the next HAC general membership meeting, November 6, 6:00 p.m., at the DPH Headquarters.  Members encouraged to attend. Dial in:  (605) 313 6153, meeting ID 809760# (If you are using a landline, you may incur long distance charges.)

Maui Representative to the Hawaiian Affairs Caucus:  The HAC Executive Committee will be acting upon the application of Mr. Walter Ritte to serve as  the Maui Representative to the HAC at its Executive Committee meeting on November 6, 5:30 p.m., at the DPH Headquarters.  Any comments on this application that you wish considered by the HAC EC should be sent to leimomikhan@gmail.com by not later than November 4, 2019.  

Party Run Presidential Primary:  The Democratic Party of Hawai‘i will be running a Presidential Primary on April 4, 2020.  Registered members of the Party will be able to vote for their top 3 presidential candidates (Ranked Choice Voting).  Vote-by-mail paper ballots will be sent out in early March and a second mailing in mid-March. Voters must be registered DPH members.  Watch for more information in the coming months.