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HAC Meeting Feb. 15, 2018

The Hawaiian Affairs Caucus will be holding its first membership meeting for 2018 on February 15, 2018, 6:00 p.m., at the Democratic Party of Hawaii. Main topics for discussion include:

1) Adoption of Proposed Amendments to the Caucus bylaws to bring them into conformance with the Democratic Party of Hawaii bylaws that were adopted at the May 2016 convention, specifically such bylaws authorized caucuses to elect its own representatives to the SCC provided its bylaws set forth the processes for doing so. Click here to download a copy of the proposed amendments. A complete set of the 34 page HAC bylaws can be found at: www.hawaiianaffairs.org.

2) Adoption of our 2018 legislative priorities. Meantime, the Executive Committee voted to support the four priorities being advocated by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. These were published in the recent edition of the Ka Wai Ola.

At our membership meeting, we shall also be discussing the notion of “candidate endorsements.” As many of you know, it’s been long-standing practice to not endorse one Democratic Party candidate over another in the primary, however, with the majority of candidates being Democrats, and to distinguish among those who walk the talk of the Democratic Party Platform from those who do not, it may be time for HAC members to do endorsements. The HAC Executive Committee is thus exploring this possibility. This should make for a healthy discussion at our general membership meeting.

As the legislature opens on January 17, I urge you to become involved. Register to receive bill hearing notices and provide testimonies in support or opposition. If you need help in learning the processes for doing so, call the Public Access Room at 587-0478, email: PAR@capitol.hawaii.gov


Chair, Hawaiian Affairs Caucus