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HAC Candidate Survey: Informed Voters Make Sound Decisions


On July 3, 2016, the Hawaiian Affairs Caucus issued an invitation to all Democratic Party candidates to participate in its Candidate Questionnaire. The questionnaire asked for the candidate’s views about Hawaiian self-governance; the role of a legislator in supporting Native Hawaiian concerns; and specific legislation the candidate would be willing to propose or support to address Native Hawaiian concerns. Responses to the questions from the candidates listed below can be found at www.hawaiianaffairs.orghttp://www.hawaiianaffairs.org/candidate-forum/candidates/

U.S. Senate

  • Brian Schatz
  • Miles Shiratori

U.S. Representative District 1

  • Colleen Hanabusa
  • Lei Ahu Isa
  • Javier Ocasio
  • Steve Tataii

State Senate

  • District 2, Russell Ruderman
  • District 5, Gil Keith-Agaran
  • District 8, Kanoe Ahuna
  • District 9, Michael Bennett, M.D.
  • District 9, Stanley Chang
  • District 13, Keone Nakoa
  • District 13, Kim Coco Iwamoto
  • District 14, Carl Campagna
  • District 14, Donna Mercado Kim
  • District 20, Mike Gabbard
  • District 25, Randy Gonce
  • District 25, Laura Thielen

State House

  • District 3, Ainoa Naniole
  • District 4, Joy San Buenaventura
  • District 8, Richard Abbett
  • District 11, Deidre Tegarden
  • District 13, Lynn DeCoite
  • District 14, Fern Anuenue Rosenstiel
  • District 17, Karlen Ross
  • District 20, Calvin Say
  • District 22, Dennis Miller
  • District 22, Tom Brower
  • District 23, Dale Kobayashi
  • District 24, Cody Carlos Rodrigues
  • District 29, James Logue
  • District 36, Zuri Aki
  • District 40, Randy Gonce
  • District 49, Patrick Kamakaniau Shea

Likewise, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs issued a questionnaire to candidates for OHA Trustee positions that posed three questions concerning improvements to the physical, mental and spiritual health of Native Hawaiians; strategy for achieving nation building; and use of mana to address contemporary, complex, and pressing issues, such as climate change, health and wealth disparities. Responses to the questionnaire can be found at www.oha.org, under the heading of Election Guide for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustees.

The Hawaiian Affairs Caucus urges all Democratic Party voters to avail themselves of these candidate responses. We hope that this will help the electorate to make informed, sound decisions at the primary and general elections. Mahalo to the candidates for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. Check back for updates at www.hawaiianaffairs.org.